Mission, Vision and Values


Alduwalia mission is, to help improve the quality of life of the Iraqi people, consumers and society by supplying the Iraqi market with state of the art pharmaceutical, medical and laboratory products.


Alduwalia thrives to be the Iraqi partner of choice for pharmaceutical and healthcare companies seeking appropriate access to the rapidly growing Iraqi market.


The Iraqi patient/ consumer is always the center of DWL attention.

Our values drive us at all time to be a patient /consumer oriented , ethical and reputable business partner to the Principals we represent.


  • Team of Experts
  • Innovative Pricing Solutions
  • Pricing and market access is a global challenge in pharmaceutical industry and is much more significant in Iraq.

    When it comes with KIMADIA, pricing is a big hurdle. Iraq private market dynamics is equally challenging not only because of the competition but because of parallel trade risks.

    At ALDUWALIA, we have a professional team of experts who are combining the years of experience in multinational pharma along with machine learning and artificial intelligence to land on the most appropriate price that brings the right value.

    We are offering an array of different innovative pricing solutions to our partners and taking the pride to facilitate the discussion between payers and companies to land on the best winning formula.

    “As part of our vision -in DWL- of running an ethical and compliant business, And faced with ⁃ the changing national and international regulations, ⁃ the growing risks that affect the health industries and ⁃ the expectations and requirements of principle companies, patients, healthcare professionals and, more generally, public opinion, Compliance is more than ever at the heart of our organization facing such challenges”
    Haitham Mansi